Christine Walker Personal Office Coach Keynote Speaker

Christine Walker is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and expert on all matters relating to: “Free(r) time – Creating synergy between Manager & Executive Assistant”.

Creative thinking is the key to her success as an entrepreneur. She lives and breathes her message. The formula for sustainable company, for advancement, for more family time, for health, vitality and life quality isn’t to work more, or work harder and longer hours but to work differently – it should be fun, focused and effective.

The Managing Director of the PLU enterprise group offers highly specialized consulting and training services to provide optimizsed support to management staff. Amongst her clients are prestigious national and international companies. She started her career as an Executive Assistant in a leading strategy consultancy. In her role as a People Resourcing Coach she transforms inefficient executive teams into high-speed well-oiled machines. Empowering both manager and executive assistant to act as one team. She shows companies their hidden developmental potential, promotes the elevation of the executive assistant role and wins management back their most precious commodity - time.

As keynote speaker and trainer, she consistently inspires her audience, captivating them with her unique know-how.

Key Milestones

1973 born in Zurich (Switzerland)
1993 Markgröningen – A-levels
1996 Munich – Hotel Manageress (IHK), Hilton Park Hotel
1997 „At See“ – Junior Pursor, Island Princess (Princess Cruises)
1999 Caracas/Venezuela – Quality Manager, Sheraton Macuto Resort (La Guaira)
2003 Munich – Executive Assistant, Arthur D. Little
2005 Birth of her son “name”
2006 Stuttgart – PMO/Project Assistant, Accenture
2007 Foundation of the PLU GmbH
2009 Foundation  of the PLU ACADEMY GmbH
2011 Birth of her daughter
2012 Foundation  of the PLU Consulting GmbH
2013 Top 100 Excellent Entrepreneurs and GSA Member
2014 Foundation of  PLU Search&Placement GmbH

Christine Walker, Botschafterin für die Agenda 5/17


The Agenda 5/17 project combines Objectives 5 and 17 of the 2030 Agenda, with which the United Nations defined its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Goal 5 aims to empower women and gender equality, Goal 17 is the call to build global partnerships based on the conviction that global cooperation is needed to achieve sustainable development AND gender equality around the world.

Link to full video press conference

Walker live! Management speech


The effective steps to combat overload for management and underload in the backoffice are: Performance tuning for managers High-speed office – maximizing efficiency like high-performance sports.


"Once again thank you for the invitation to yesterday´s speech, which I found very interesting. It is not that easy to tailor a speech to two target groups but I am certain that yesterday everyone was able to take something away with them. It would be great if I could get your study results. I am looking forward to continuning our work together.“